Our Farm

We were first introduced to alpacas while attending our nephew's wedding reception in Maryland. The B&B where the reception was help had alpacas in a field adjacent to the venue. 

We spent some time watching the animals graze in the field. There is just something very calming about watching these animals. 

We were hooked. Soon we were busy learning as much as we could about alpacas...farm visits, reading books, internet research, etc. Everything we could to continue our alpaca education.

Everyone around us thought we lost our minds. They are so calm. So beautiful. “The next best thing to unicorns.”

We then transformed our pastures and fencing to make room for our very own alpacas to come home in April 2022. 

Never underestimate how an event and special people in your life can change the way you look at the world.

Now we understand "Life is better with alpacas."

Alpacas enjoying a peaceful pasture