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Take your time enjoying the day and these beautiful animals. The tour will begin with a brief presentation and history of the alpaca then grab a bag of feed to share with your farm favorites.

Farm staff are always available to answers any questions you may have. We love to share the knowledge we have gained about these special animals. 

Bring your camera to save the memories of your visit!

After your tour, stop by the Farm Store to find out why alpaca products are so popular. From hats and gloves to sweaters and socks, there's something for everyone!

Tours last 1 - 1.5 hours. All tours are by appointment only.

Price Per Person over 4 - $10.00 each

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This is a working farm. The ground may be uneven or muddy. There may even be a little poo. That's farm life for you!

Sometimes it does rain on the farm, too. Plan your clothing and shoes accordingly. Closed toe shoes are recommended.


Public restrooms ARE NOT available on the farm.



Farm Rules are important to prevent accidents and maintain the safety of all visitors to Cape County Alpacas.

  1. Supervise Children at All Times. Parents or guardians are responsible to the supervision of their children throughout the visit.
  2. Stay in Designated Areas. Do not climb on fences and gates. Do not open any gates without permission to do so.
  3. Respect the Alpacas. Approach animals quietly and calmly. Only feed the animals feed provided by the Farm Staff. Avoid standing, touching or walking too close to the rear of the animals.
  4. No Littering. Dispose of trash in designated bins.
  5. Hand Hygiene. Wash your hands after handling and feeding the animals.
  6. No Smoking.
  7. Respect Other Visitors. No running and jumping. Keep noise levels down and be mindful of other guests’ personal space.
  8. No Pets. We love your pets; but many of them are enemies of the alpaca. This includes service animals.
  9. Photography and Video. No professional equipment allowed. Cell phone selfies are encouraged.


These rules are to prevent accidents and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all families visiting Cape County Alpacas. Cape County Alpacas reserves the right to ask anyone not following the rules to leave the location.